A Little Message To the Grieving


Lately I am thinking about all of the other people out there who are missing someone. Someone who has left this life and is ‘unreachable’. They say that the first year is the worst, that it gets easier as times goes on….but I am finding that that isn’t the case. So I’m sharing it with all of you; bringing the thought out of the shadows into the open. . . I think after the first year, you’ve stored up so many funny stories, life updates, and experiences that you would normally be sharing with them on a daily/weekly basis…that it starts to feel physically uncomfortable. Before, when you reached this overflowing point where you had so much to say to them, you’d pick up the phone and get yourself settled in somewhere comfortable for a nice long chat. But now that they’re gone, what do you do with all of these words? These things you want so badly to share with them? I am thinking of all of you who are in the same boat, who are bursting at the seams to share these things with that Someone, but can’t. It’s their voice, their responses (that are so authentically THEIRS, they can never be replicated or mimicked by anyone else), their advice and their laugh that you miss. It is seriously kicking my little ass at the minute, my friends, and I think the only way through is to acknowledge it and share the burden. I hope you don’t mind. 😉 For anyone else out there who is feelin’ it, I am with you!! It doesn’t get ‘easier’, you adjust. And the adjusting (to their absence) is the most painful part. Sending you all lots of hugs tonight…

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