moon, mountain, stars – Happy New Year \\2017//

I made my New Year’s Eve ritual simple this year. Not that I am a Mistress of Elaborate Rituals in any way, but this was a fairly straight-forward one. I made a rambling list of what I want to do and see and accomplish this year. I also wrote a letter to someone close to me who passed away in recent years. I put them in a plain white envelope, and let it sit for about an hour, while I pfaffed about the house, mind focusing entirely on calling the contents of the envelope to Life. A more efficient Witch would have probably sat and meditated on the list, but I should say now that I find my mind is in full-on Zen mode while I tidy. Strange, I know, but maybe there’s a reason Witches always have brooms next to them? Just sayin’…
When I felt that the manifestation was underway, I sat out my bedroom window and watched the letter burn. I left it smouldering this time on the ledge until it was ash. And, different to previous rituals like this, I actually did NOT scatter the ashes. I left them overnight outside my bedroom window and let the Alpine mountain wind take them as they wished. It has taken two days of non-interference but by now every little speck of ash is done.
After it had been left down to smoulder, I had a nice little moment staring up at the stars and just…being. In the midst of moving here, re-kindling a long distance relationship and turning it into *very* short distance (i.e. living together), and all of my normal daily mind-grumbles, I forget to Look Up! This was on my list; be more present and WORRY LESS!
I’ve decided, that, above all, this will be a year for setting up the next ten, so to speak. I want to put myself in a position where I can lead a secure, semi-nomadic life. I am now the owner of two different coloured passports which bargain me entry into two very privileged geographical regions. These two regions offer me enough resources for education and enjoyment to last for the rest of my life. My list of where to go next never stops writing itself. The only barriers? Money, and motivation. So, these two shall be my main focus for 2017.

Other projects include putting more energy into this writing blog, making more intricate personal rituals (just for the craic! 😉 ), and another creative project that I am over-joyed to be working on with one of the most important people in my life, my Grandmother. Travel is particularly important this year; I foresee a lot of packing and moving and re-assessing how much ‘stuff’ I plan on hanging on to . This is a tough one, as I am a traveller by nature but rather than be on the move constantly, I have a need to ‘nest’ in each place I live and stay awhile. This means I like familiar things around me and the comfort and temporary security of a specified ‘home. Alongside this, the re-adjustment to being a student, and at that, one on the move quite often, studying at my own pace, is taking a lot of focus and effort also.

This will be an exciting year!!!

Wishing the world a healthful, positive start to 2017 and a remembrance and re-learning of human compassion and love, above all, which is the right of every being. Peace & Love in 2017 xxx

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