perspective on a snowy day

I went out for a walk two days ago, when the crowd of worries and thoughts had begun swirling around in my head. “What is to become of meeeeee?!’ An overwhelming time for me; trying to establish what I want, where I want to be, what I am going to do for a living. I have been having trouble even working on one of these things at a time – they all just keep bobbing up in my head, completely out of turn!

I found myself in a wintry forest, alone, until a lone cross-country skier crossed my path. Apart from the gentle SWOOSH of his skis, all was silent, yet alive and breathing and boundless. Above, a glimmery-blue sky and snow-capped mountains.

On that day, seeing the tiny speck of a human (and inside their tiny head, perhaps, as many questions and emotions and worry as I have within my own tiny head!) against the vast, ancient mountain landscape, I realised that my problems really aren’t so big. And to be pondering these things in such a breath-taking place, safe, healthy, relatively “OK”, I also realised that I must have done something very, VERY right in my life to have ended up in that place, on that day.

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