11:11 and synchronicity

There must be a name for this. I have never ceased to notice when times are hard and the darkness exceeds the light, there is always some act of kindness, of natural beauty, that pulls me back up again. Whether it’s a bird landing right in front of you, chirping cheerily at you, or an email from a friend, apparently ‘randomly’ telling you ‘hi! i value you!’, or an incident of synchronicity or magic, it’s always there.

Any idea of what we could call this?

In my last blog post I was in a head-spin. The physical act of writing the post helped me set things somewhat in order in my mind. However, the magic came later when I checked my email. Two friends, both of whom I met for the first time while in Colombia a few years ago, writing to say hi. One, the very very words on her email ‘you are a valued friend’. And the other, a pretty standard catch-up email, offering me her couch anytime I need an escape, but the real spark was that I received the email at 11:11.

For those of you who have yet to encounter 11:11, I kid you not: had I heard about this up until two years ago, I would have thought it a BIT too New Age-y to believe, even for me. However, about 6 months after the death of a loved one, when my life what somewhat returning to normal, I began seeing 11:11 every day. On clocks, receipts, emails, signs, mobile numbers, you name it. It found me! Another time it found me via a friend’s watch also! I asked him what day it was and he flipped his wrist over to me so I could check his watch – Guess what: 11:11 is what.

So, I find great comfort in these little gifts. I know some people may not understand this, may think I am seeking them and therefore creating these ‘messages’ in my own head. But I have to say, I think it is the opposite. Once you believe in them and are open to them, you realise they are there, and always have been. You were just distracted, or stuck in your own head, and failed to notice them.

I am open to the reassurance and guidance that the Universe is offering me. And, above all, I am grateful.


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