So, this is Grief.


A very dear friend of mine has been listening to my non-sensical ramblings the last week, and quietly emailed me this article this morning. ( I actually just read the title – namely the word ‘grief’ and started bawling into my CocoPops.

I keep feeling like I am coming down with something, headache, exhaustion, pain in my chest. And I think I can safely say I am physically healthy, but grieving hard for what is happening right now. My heart hurts so much these days. It’s one of the few times I’ve wished I Was tougher. This ain’t fun. Dear Covid-19, I’m not scared of you, this feeling I have now is ten times worse than what you can do to me.

I’m trying to remind myself that, in this moment, I am safe, I can breathe, I am ok. It’s when my mind broadens to consider the sweeping scale of this beast that I get the wind knocked out of me. The reality that there is nothing I can do to help, or to control what is happening. We all like to feel some sort of control. Accepting this and surrendering to whatever happens is terrifying for any human.

If any of this resonates, have a read of this piece. Excellent insight. I mean, I’m still bawling, but at least I know I haven’t totally lost the plot. It’s starting to make *some* sort of sense.
Love you all! x


*Photo from article. Not mine.


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