One day at a time.

I am trying to keep busy with as many creative projects as possible. I am hoping I won’t feel this way for long, but the daytime walks I find too stressful. The feeling of being on ‘high alert’ and needing to back away from every human you come across is exhausting, and INCREDIBLY counter-intuitive, so I’ve taken the opportunity to learn how to take better night images. So far, I have learned two things:

1) Cities at night-time are BEAUTIFUL. Especially when you are fortunate enough to live near the sea. So peaceful.

2) I definitely need a tripod!


The last little being I shall touch for awhile.


This was last week.

She wandered over, sat with her back to me about three feet away, then slowly backed right onto my lap.

When this is over I shall give all the scritches to every dog I meet.

…And possibly humans as well!



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