This place has become a real sanctuary. When I am working on something in the garden, I don’t go more than 5 minutes without stopping to think how damn lucky I am to live here. The garden walls are high, no one can see in, and I can hear all of the birdsong, people passing by, the wind in the trees…there is a real sense of connection despite being below street-level and completely hidden away.

Even on days when I am in a bad mood, or my back hurts, I never regret getting out into the garden and getting my hands and feet into the muck. I don’t even mind the biting red ants anymore! It’s the same feeling I get when I get into the sea in the afternoon; I just don’t feel right, or connected, until I do it. I don’t overthink it, or else I won’t do it. I just go towards it consistently because I know my body and mind respond well to it.

But it’s not all about me. 🙂 In the meantime, there has been progress!! A lot of clearing away the big and bulky plants so that the smaller ones – and wildflowers!! – can get more sunshine and nutrients from the soil. I am a rookie, and I don’t read very much on how to do any of this, so it is likely I am making some big mistakes (like accidentally ‘weeding’ out all of the sprouting carrot tops I had forgotten I’d planted…whoops!). I have also planted a few seeds into pots and gotten a plant that is NOT the same as the seed. Magic.??

But, it is looking good! Lush!



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