Caherdooneerish at sunset

This week, a friend and I trekked up to Caherdooneerish (‘Cathair Duin Irghuis‘, after the Firbolg chief Irghuis), an ancient stone fort overlooking the Burren in Clare. We left it a tiny bit late in the day, but actually the conditions couldn’t have been better. We found ourselves atop the hill with this fort, right when the sun began to set. It made for some beautiful photos.

I met Jana when she was my belly dance teacher these last two years and this place inspired the dancer in both of us! We promised each other we’d go back to this site to do some fun videos and photos some day.

The thing about the Burren is that, at a glance, some would say there is nothing there. But then, once you become still and observe it’s landscape, you realise how FULL it is. The seabirds, the ocean, the wind, the stones, the plants, the insects, the mushrooms popping up, the clouds blowing past overheard…and the feeling of being the only human in the world. That is when you realise that the Burren is full of everything.

The journey was a real treat, as we had been in lockdown for about three months and this was our ‘treat’ trip once the lockdown had lifted.


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