Hot cocoa

My friend’s mother got me into this daily ritual of having a cup of hot cocoa at the end of the workday. I don’t know when she started it herself, but when I used to call up to visit her after work in the evenings, she’d sometimes have a little chocolate circle around her mouth. I knew she was ‘on the cocoa’! My friend always said to me ‘oh God if you see her like that before she goes out, please tell her to wipe her mouth! People will think she is crazy!’ It had never occurred to me. When I see people with messy faces and chocolate on their teeth or mouth, I consider them to be people who are enjoying their life.

Chocolate is definitely part of enjoying life. So every day when I ‘clock out’, I warm up some cocoa and reboot before beginning my evening. My day job doesn’t particularly inspire me, but I am very fortunate to have it right now. It is my hope to change direction career-wise in the coming years, but until then, I mark the transition back to my Real Life at 5pm with a cup of deliciousness. Particularly as the sun is gone here by around 4:30pm these days, this is a super cosy start to my evenings. There is also this decadent and downright naughty feeling to it that sets the creativity loose again after feeling stifled all day. Bring it on!

Cheers to you!

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