Merry christmas

I’ve had a Christmas tradition for about 33 years now. I’m not religious, nor is my family, who I am often separated from this time of year by an ocean. However, I’ve been watching the Sound of Music every year since I was in kindergarten. My Mom was a huge fan of all of the great musicals – something she passed on to me – and this one was often on television in the winter. I watched our VHS version so much that I remember where all of the tv ads fell…and the snowy screen that appeared when Mom had pressed pause while she was recording it. In my 20s when I was travelling home / back to my home in Ireland at Christmas, I’d often watch it on my laptop in the airports. And, here I am, in my cottage, putting on the DVD. I don’t think there is any other film that brings so much comfort.

Julie Andrews is simply an ANGEL. That is all. I adored her as a child, no matter what the film (Mary Poppins, hello???). And now, at 36, I am altering my adoring gaze from her to the Von Trapp children; the way they look at her mirrored my awe as a little one. She really must be as wholesome and beautiful as I imagined her to be. Kids aren’t THAT good at acting. 😉

Merry Christmas from my fireside to all. I am about to Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do into the evening! xx

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  1. My mom’s love of musicals did transport it to me. Sound of Music isn’t a a musical that is tradition to Christmas- the main tradition movie is actually George C. Scott’s version of A Christmas Carol. In terms of musicals- White Christmas is something I want to see over the Holidays.

    Sound of Music is one of my childhood favorites and I saw the stage show in 2015.

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  2. I agree! Especially considering it’s set just before WW2 and once you are old enough to realise that, it’s a shock. There are some heavy things going on in the background. I suppose the central theme of family and love suits the sentiments around Christmas, but these are both so universal and relevant any time of the year. However, I associate it with the Christmas season as that was the time of year it was recorded off the television. So when I watched it, the Christmas ads were always on it. 🙂 I didn’t realise it until recently, but that’s the reason why I watch it when I do.

    A very Happy Holiday season to you! 🙂


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