Happy Birthday

Today my hero would have turned 99. I met her when she was 62 and I was …zero, actually! I had the pleasure of knowing her for 33 years. She taught me most of what I know about being a decent human and a strong woman, and I respected the heck out of her. When I was little I went to church with her on Sundays just to be with her (and I liked the singing), and when she left her church due to their being not just slightly backwards and bigoted (for which I was so proud of her), she remained my full-time spirit guide in life. I miss our talks immensely; no one comes close to knowing me as well as she did. She never told my secrets, and when I was old enough for her to tell me some of hers, I vowed to do the same.
I would say that it’s unfortunate we were not contemporaries, because it would mean she could go the next two-thirds of my life alongside me, but I do think she was meant to be those few phases ahead of me in order to teach me so well.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Grandma Madeleine, I miss you xx

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