The beginning of Vixen’s Garden

You see a pile of soil… I see a blank canvas. And free therapy. THIS is MY season. 🥰 …. Contemplating so many possibilities, and putting some ideas into action!


Early shots. Courgettes emerging and politely keep their hats on til the last minute
Tucking in the spuds. Hoping for an abundant harvest in a few months!
I am VERY excited about the rinsing of the seaweed. 😂🤦‍♀️ Mainly though, I am just happy growing season is here again 🥰 Please excuse the product placement (IKEA bag) because it is actually the best thing on earth for people with mucky outdoor hobbies. (Firewood, seaweed, herbs, mushies, wet rain gear/ boots/ picnic, moving house, etc…)

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