Low energy – taking it easy

Hi All,

I’ve been doing a smattering of posts lately with little to say as I’ve been a bit run down! I’m not sure if it’s remnants of the (very mild) dose of COVID I had recently or if it’s overwhelm at the state of the world this last year, but whatever it is, I’ve needed to learn to rest and be still these last weeks. Normally I’m a fairly active person, but just the thought of walking to the shop or going to the gym (which up til now I’ve done nearly every day) was too much. I’ve still been getting in the water everyday, and reading a lot of Agatha Christie books, but I’ve had to reel it in when it comes to gardening activities and my usual exercise.

Going for a walk today was so refreshing, both for my body as well as my mind. I’ve been half-cocooning again while I take this break and too much familiarity and not enough novelty really isn’t good for anyone! I was reminded of how lucky I am to be living coastal and to have these beautiful tree-lined roads right above our beaches.

The village where I live has been very chaotic lately with all of the summer visitors, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to adjust to noise again! However, I’m trying to train my mind to think ‘hey! LIFE around me again! Activity! PEOPLE!!’ So long as they are happy noises, this is a positive thing!

This pandemic has taken a bigger toll on my mind than I realise. My creativity has been ‘flat’ for about six months now, and only last week did I pick up my camera again. I think a lot of the brain fog we are experiencing is the lack of new sights and sounds and stimulation from different daily experiences. My routine became suffocating; and there was so little I could do to change it up after two years of having restrictions on travel.

I love where I live, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to travel OFF this Island! I made two attempts in the last two months. The first trip was cancelled because I caught COVID, and more recently my brain fog made me forget the right date of the flight, and we missed it. I’ve never in my life forgotten a flight!! So, I may try in the next few months again, but only when the chaos of air travel (hopefully) calms down again.

Until then, I will rest and try to create each day to be slightly different than the one before, to get out of this rut of monotony.

Love, Flora

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