A bit about me…


I am a light-footed, light-hearted fae spirit. I am a Nature nut. I like to play, and I rarely get angry (but when I do, I am FIERCE). This isn’t an easy world to live in as a sensitive, magical being, so I keep myself happy and balanced by being creative and connecting with other gentle folk.

My hobbies are taking photos, dancing, music, herbs, living in green places, and reading. I collect words in my own language as well as other languages, and I love to write.
I call at least two countries home, although my definition of the word ‘Home’ seems to always be needing some sort of re-clarification. For now, however, THIS page is my home.

So come in, be my guest, and I hope we will share some nice moments together!

I love hearing from my friends around the world and I always respond, so feel free to leave your mark, whether it be words, a paw-print, or an emoji.


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