Category: 2015

The Boy Called Diamond

Of all of the people I met in Nepal, the one who stuck with me the most was 1-year old Diamond. He was possibly the happiest little human I have ever met. He came in to the room held by his Grandpa, stared at… Continue Reading “The Boy Called Diamond”

haggles and things

I don’t know if it is a Canadian thing….but I am completely unable to haggle. Unwilling, also. I’d love to boast that it is entirely an ethical decision, but mainly it just makes me incredibly uncomfortable and ashamed. I mention this to other travellers… Continue Reading “haggles and things”

just because i am chatty…

Introverts are not necessarily shy. I’ve been an introvert in denial for years. I love being alone, quiet, immersed in my own world. Out There, however, I am known as the Chatty One, the one bubbling over with smiles and sunshine and long-winded, airy-fairy… Continue Reading “just because i am chatty…”

A Little Message To the Grieving

Lately I am thinking about all of the other people out there who are missing someone. Someone who has left this life and is ‘unreachable’. They say that the first year is the worst, that it gets easier as times goes on….but I am… Continue Reading “A Little Message To the Grieving”

These ARe Your Moments

I consider my Life to be a collection of beautiful fragments, each bookmarked unconsciously as they happen. Ever-growing, minute and milli-second in length. These moments cannot be predicted, nor can you always explain why they mean so much to you. I have a hard… Continue Reading “These ARe Your Moments”