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losing a home

My beloved ‘home’ which I mentioned a few blog posts ago, my friends, I regret to inform you, has been lost to me. In a very sad turn of events, the friend whom I entrusted the safe-keeping and maintenance of my home to for… Continue Reading “losing a home”

perspective on a snowy day

I went out for a walk two days ago, when the crowd of worries and thoughts had begun swirling around in my head. “What is to become of meeeeee?!’ An overwhelming time for me; trying to establish what I want, where I want to… Continue Reading “perspective on a snowy day”

I am a Dupree.

A dilemma which I have recently found myself in; how to know when my time in a place is done. I have a knack for over-staying. I blame it on my being a Libra. Loyal to a fault, to both humans and places. I… Continue Reading “I am a Dupree.”

moon, mountain, stars – Happy New Year \\2017//

I made my New Year’s Eve ritual simple this year. Not that I am a Mistress of Elaborate Rituals in any way, but this was a fairly straight-forward one. I made a rambling list of what I want to do and see and accomplish… Continue Reading “moon, mountain, stars – Happy New Year \\2017//”