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Action-packed Thursday

A great day for gathering wild garlic – it’s EVERYWHERE!! – and a bus-load of nettles which are now wrapped and hanging up to dry. I also got a lovely bunch of lilacs from a neighbour’s tree that are filling the kitchen with their… Continue Reading “Action-packed Thursday”


I want to thank this little guy. He’s the one I have spent the most time with since this whole lockdown affair began and he’s seen me in all of my moods. He never complains, and he’s still there. He’s my rock!! 😉 😉 And he’s… Continue Reading “Companion.”


Some lovelies in the garden. Common Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris).

Bealtaine Headdress

The sweet spot, for me, is remaining – as much as possible – in a constant state of creative flow and inspiration. By not necessarily having a ‘goal’, or putting pressure on myself to produce something that will impress others, I can turn to… Continue Reading “Bealtaine Headdress”

Love-hearts and ferris wheels and Venus.

Although I am looking forward to more daytime shots soon, this night-time shooting is like seeing a different world. Everything is so still. You feel like the city is your secret. Last night. X


One more shot of the Supermoon. X

Supermoon, April 2020

The only photo that turned out ‘ok’ of the supermoon. My hands are apparently steadier than I realised! X

My town under the Supermoon

A few photos from a clandestine midnight wander around town last week under the Supermoon. Although I don’t want to see Galway in this state for much longer (or EVER again), it was pretty magical. I always thought it was the people who made… Continue Reading “My town under the Supermoon”

“It’s OK to feel overwhelmed” – Liz Gilbert

This morning I was listening to this talk with Liz Gilbert. A few takeaways: 1) If you are suffering from empathetic overload, try replacing your empathy with compassion. That way, you are not *taking on* someone else’s suffering, but instead remaining strong in yourself… Continue Reading ““It’s OK to feel overwhelmed” – Liz Gilbert”

A rare day-time walk.

I am lucky to live in the nicest 2km stretch in the world. And, thankfully, people are sticking to the rules and it is ‘safe’ to wander in these parts today. Thank you!

R.I.P. Tim Robinson

Ah no. I am very sorry to hear that Tim Robinson has passed on. I’ve been reading his books while staying indoors. Have been trying to get a printed Connemara map for a long time now. R.I.P. Tim. I hope heaven is as pleasing… Continue Reading “R.I.P. Tim Robinson”

So, this is Grief.

A very dear friend of mine has been listening to my non-sensical ramblings the last week, and quietly emailed me this article this morning. ( I actually just read the title – namely the word ‘grief’ and started bawling into my CocoPops. I keep… Continue Reading “So, this is Grief.”