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Low energy – taking it easy

Hi All, I’ve been doing a smattering of posts lately with little to say as I’ve been a bit run down! I’m not sure if it’s remnants of the (very mild) dose of COVID I had recently or if it’s overwhelm at the state… Continue Reading “Low energy – taking it easy”

Framing my Art!

Believe it or not, I have been taking photographs for years, but this is the first time I have printed them large-format and framed them. The result….. I know it may seem like such a small thing, to frame a photo, but for me… Continue Reading “Framing my Art!”

The beginning of Vixen’s Garden

You see a pile of soil… I see a blank canvas. And free therapy. THIS is MY season. 🥰 …. Contemplating so many possibilities, and putting some ideas into action! .


I had a little walk around Waterford today. I don’t live in the city and I don’t come in often. And each time I do, it feels like I am somewhere in Scandinavia! This area is called the Viking Triangle – which makes sense!… Continue Reading “Waterford”

Happy Birthday

Today my hero would have turned 99. I met her when she was 62 and I was …zero, actually! I had the pleasure of knowing her for 33 years. She taught me most of what I know about being a decent human and a… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday”

One day at a time.

I am trying to keep busy with as many creative projects as possible. I am hoping I won’t feel this way for long, but the daytime walks I find too stressful. The feeling of being on ‘high alert’ and needing to back away from… Continue Reading “One day at a time.”

The earth that loves you.

Sleep, stare at the sky, the moon, the sea. Hold onto the earth that loves you. All the birds sing for your comfort. The wind touches you gently. The great Mother is near. – Maureen Horkan

Wild sanctuaries.

“…Such places are wild sanctuaries because they dwell completely within themselves and can quietly draw us into their knowing and stillness. Almost without sensing it, the mind is gradually relieved of its inner pressing. The senses become soothed and the clay part of the… Continue Reading “Wild sanctuaries.”

“Pendulum’, by Haven Trevino

The pendulum swings to and fro From darkness to light From sickness to health From goodness to evil And back again. It’s enough to make anyone confused. The sage has found the still point between Remaining neutral She teaches by living a simple, honest… Continue Reading ““Pendulum’, by Haven Trevino”

11:11 and synchronicity

There must be a name for this. I have never ceased to notice when times are hard and the darkness exceeds the light, there is always some act of kindness, of natural beauty, that pulls me back up again. Whether it’s a bird landing… Continue Reading “11:11 and synchronicity”