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Moving again

A new home! I almost always prefer living in the country, although I like to pop into my little city here every so often for a year maybe of ‘faster’ paced life. It’s great to have the best of both worlds as options. However,… Continue Reading “Moving again”

Love-hearts and ferris wheels and Venus.

Although I am looking forward to more daytime shots soon, this night-time shooting is like seeing a different world. Everything is so still. You feel like the city is your secret. Last night. X

My town under the Supermoon

A few photos from a clandestine midnight wander around town last week under the Supermoon. Although I don’t want to see Galway in this state for much longer (or EVER again), it was pretty magical. I always thought it was the people who made… Continue Reading “My town under the Supermoon”