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Hello 2022! Life Updates.

Greetings from a new home, a new year, and (hopefully) a fresh start to the Springtime! I haven’t written in quite some time, and to be honest, I didn’t have a lot of inspiration these last months. My mind and energy was elsewhere, and… Continue Reading “Hello 2022! Life Updates.”

Dreaming of Atlantis

Photoshop. The ultimate game of escapism! At the beginning of lockdown I realised, sadly, that it would be quite some time before I was footloose and fancy-free in the green spots taking photos again. So, I went through my huge archive of landscape photos… Continue Reading “Dreaming of Atlantis”

Photographer’s Block

Cities typically kill my shutter-finger inspiration entirely. The sight of concrete and – sorry to say – humans and cars, ruining my shot….makes me grumpy. I am missing the green parts of the country IMMENSELY right now. To say I have itchy feet would… Continue Reading “Photographer’s Block”