The Book Pile

Behold: The Book Pile. I have developed a very naughty habit of starting books, and then casting them to the side when another book catches my eyes. Commitment issues? 😉 I think it is time to re-train the brain to focus properly. No more loosey-goosey reading habits. Although, I will say, it is interesting how a book I am reading will lead me to discover another one non-directly. It’s like one book lights up the path ahead…a bit magical, that.

I have decided to spend the winter season getting through these books. Not in any big rush or with any pressure (what is the point then?!), but it will feel very satisfying to inhale all of these and expand the mind throughout the dark months. I tend to read better late at night, and since it gets dark here early these days – around 4:30pm – I will hopefully be able to get into The Zone early on and get tucked into a book each evening. I have a comfy armchair, lots of firewood, and plenty of time during the Covid business.

I’m happy to say that ALL of these books are my top recommended ones from the last year. I have no reason for not finishing them in one-go. I blame it on somehow developing a short attention span. Netflix, social media, being bombarded with 30 second clips and soundbytes…when did life become so fragmented? One weekend last month I read two big books on bees and it felt so gooooood! Between Friday evening and early Monday morning. Just like that. I have missed that feeling of full immersion in literature. I feel like I haven’t had that feeling in so long. TOO long.

All of this can be fixed. My brain wants something to focus on for longer than 4 minutes. I’d venture even further to say that it is CRAVING a reading marathon.

Fire is lit. Away I go! X

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